Unsinkability and the bulkhead structure inside Fountaine Pajot’s sail and power catamarans are key elements in their safety.

Unsinkability is ensured by volumes of foam placed in the forward and rear extremities of the hulls. The watertight bulkheads in the stem of each hull provide total isolation: even after an impact causing a leak, only the forward compartment floods and the boat can continue to sail.

Steering Station:

This innovative steering station was created by Fountaine Pajot and has now become a standard of reference for all catamarans.

The steering station is equipped with a Plexiglass screen providing two functions:

  1. Gives protection against spray and wind;
  2. Can accommodate the GPS, binoculars, mobile phone, nautical charts or a drink.

The steering station is provided with all the necessary electronics combined in a single strategic unit.

On the sailing catamarans, trimming the mainsail and genoa can be achieved with visibility of all four quarters of the vessel, there is no need to duplicate the electronics and controls, there is protection against the elements, and the helmsman is not in the way of the passengers.


Fixed Fins/Skegs:

For safety reasons the fins/skegs are components completely separate from the hulls, a feature which preserves and protects the watertightness of the boat in the event of violent impact. Furthermore, if such a situation arises, it makes them easier to repair or replace.

Shock-Resistant Fins/Skegs:

The deliberate decision to employ fin keels over daggerboards was made because of the following advantages:

  1. They are fixed and therefore require no manipulation.
  2. They give perfect protection to drive shafts, propellers, rudder blades and hull bottoms in the event of grounding.
  3. They completely seal and preserve the integrity of the vessel.
  4. The absence of a daggerboard case means saving of space in the interior of the vessel.
  5. Thanks to their wind-tunnel designed profiles, the fins give excellent performance and generate no turbulence or vibration.
  6. They give greater flexibility to explore and anchor in more shallow waters.

Fountaine Pajot Motor Yachts – Twin Engines:

Twin engines in Fountaine Pajot Motor Yachts’ separate hulls offer peace of mind in the event of a hull taking on water due to grounding or a collision. This is a feature not possible in a monohull without major engineering works.

Fountaine Pajot Motor Yachts’ double drive  twin engines provide yet another important guarantee of safety. Each is completely independent of each other with its own electrical circuit and fuel tank. In case of the failure of one circuit, the boat can continue utilising the other engine. With the engines and transmissions located well away from the living areas, cruising is a comfortable and quiet experience with no exposure to engine odours.

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