Fountaine Pajot’s team is constantly expanding, and the company today employs more than 400 people at its two sites in France (8000m² at La Rochelle and 13000m² at Aigrefeuille). Since 1983, 20 models have been created by multidisciplinary teams associating the best designers and Fountaine Pajot’s own design department.

Construction verification

The construction of Fountaine Pajot sail and power catamarans includes verifications at every stage in conformity with ISO 9001. The fibreglass fabrics are checked before use and each stage of lamination is followed by an inspection. Pressure during vacuum gluing operations is continuously measured by means of manometer and the quality of the result is systematically checked over the whole glued surface.

The hardness of the composite is measured on each element after it comes out of the mould by the Barcol procedure and samples taken from each boat are tested in a kiln in order to verify resistance to hydrolysis of the gel-coats and laminates. The resistance to wear and weathering of the adhesives used for the lining and floors are also tested.

Quality inspections

When completed, the boat goes to the test basin where all of its equipment is tested and a sprinkler system checks the whole structure is completely watertight. For future reference, the technical departments maintain a comprehensive file on every vessel, which contains the details of all the materials and products used and all equipment installed.

Exact drawings of certain specific components are also archived, as well as samples of the composite. There is total traceability of every unit that leaves the yard: a rigorous system essential for subsequent maintenance. The company’s technical department and the engine manufacturers conduct sea trials on all catamarans to guarantee delivery in perfect condition.

I.C.N.N Product Certification

All of Fountaine Pajot sail catamarans and Motor Yachts range possess an “EC Type” certificate in conformity with European directive 94/25 CE.

ISO 9001 Certification

The Fountaine Pajot yard is the first French boat builder to have obtained “ISO 9002 Quality” certification for the entire production cycle on its vessels. Always in the forefront where quality is concerned, Fountaine Pajot has just obtained its certification to ISO 9001 version 2000.

This certification is an international standard designed to improve customer satisfaction, so compelling the company to make constant improvements in its products and management procedures.